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  • 1900 The Story of Baden-Powell - 'The Wolf That Never Sleeps', by Harold Begbie
  • 1900 Baden-Powell the Hero of Mafeking by W. Francis Aitken published
  • 1910 The Chief Scout by by W. Francis Aitken published
  • 1924 The Piper of Pax, by Eileen K. Wade
  • 1924 The Chief Scout, by W.J.Batchelder
  • 1933 Lessons from the Varsity of Life, by Lord Baden-Powell
  • 1933 Lessons of a Lifetime, by Lord Baden-Powell
  • 1939 Baden-Powell, by R.H. Kiernan
  • 1942 Baden-Powell, by E.E.Reynolds
  • 1943 Baden-Powell, by Eileen K.Wade
  • 1943 B-P, by E.E.Reynolds
  • 1955 The Baden-Powell Story, by Geoffrey Bond
  • 1964 Baden-Powell--The Two Lives of a Hero, by William Hillcourt (Green Bar Bill) with Olave Baden-Powell
  • 1966 Baden-Powell, Chief Scout of The World, by Wyatt Blassingame
  • 1969 Scouting With Baden-Powell, by Russell Freedman, Holiday House: New York
  • 1969 The Gilwell Story, by Rex Hazlewood
  • 1971 Olave Baden-Powell: the Authorized Biography of the World Chief Guide, by Eileen K. Wade
  • 1972 The World Chief Guide - Lady Baden-Powell, by Eileen K. Wade
  • 1973 The Founding Of The Boy Scouts As Seen Through The Letters Of Lord Baden-Powel
  • 1974 Petticoat in Mafeking, by John F. Midgley
  • 1975 The Chief : the Life story of Robert Baden-Powell by Eileen K. Wade
  • 1975 Baden-Powell, The Man Who Lived Twice, by Mary Drewery
  • 1982 The Brownsea Story, by William Hillcour
  • 1986 The Character Factory: Baden-Powell and the Orifins of the Boy Scout Movement, by Michael Rosenthal
  • 1987 Mowgli's Sons : Kipling and Baden-Powell's Scouts, by Hugh Brogan
  • 1989 Baden-Powell, by Pauline York Brower (kuvakirja).
  • 1989 Baden-Powell, by Tim Jeal
  • 1990 Robert Baden-Powell, by Julia Courtney.
  • 1990 The Boy-Man, by Tim Jeal
  • The Scout's Life of Baden-Powell, by W.J. Batchelder and David Balfour
  • Be Prepared - The Story of Baden-Powell, by W.J. Batchelder and Balfour
  • Twenty-seven Years With Baden-Powell, by Eileen K. Wade


  • 1923 Blazing the Trail: being wise saws and modern instances from the works of the Chief Scout. Collected by Laura Holt (C. A. Pearson)
  • 1941 B-P's Outlook: Selections from Lord Baden-Powell's contributions to ”The Scouter” (C. A. Pearson)
  • 1951 Adventuring with Baden-Powell: Selected and articles