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Siirry navigaatioon Siirry hakuun

Kotimaisia partiotahoja (Scouting in Finland)

Kotimaan organisaatio (Finnish Scouting)

The Guides and Scouts of Finland (GSF)
GSF's Finnish districts' homepages
Swedishspeaking scouts' district of Finland
The troops page maintained by GSF

Partiopiirit (Districts)

Aluejärjestöt (Regional troop groups)

Lippukunnat (Local groups)

Finnish local scout groups

Taustaryhmittymät (National troop groups)

Finnish YMCA's scouting pages
Salvations Army scouts
The Metsänkävijät troops' pages
The Evangelical Free Church of Finland Scouts' homepages

Erityistoiminta (Special purpose scouting)

Finnish Scouting collector/swopper association
The Finnish Scout Museum Association
The Finnish Scout Heraldry Association
The Netscouts of Finland
National Seascout Yacht Club
International Scout and Guide Fellowship (ISGF) organization in Finland

Opiskelijapartiointia (Student scouting)

Turku Student Scouts
Helsinki University Scouts
  • JOPA Jyväskylän OpiskelijaPartiolaiset
Jyväskylä Student Scouts
Joensuu Student Scouts
Tampere Student Scouts
Oulu Student Scouts
Helsinki University of Technology Student Scouts
Vaasa Student Scouts
Lappeenranta Student Scouts
Rauma Student Scouts

Ulkomaiden partiotahot (Foreign scouting links)

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
The World Organization of Scout Movement
European Scouting
European Sea Scouting
Global Scoutnet
The national member associations of the Global Scoutnet (with links)
The World Federation of Independent Scouts
The International Scout and Guide Fellowship
The International Scout and Guide Fellowship

Pohjoismaiset partiojärjestöt (Nordic scouting organizations)

Partiotapahtumia (Scouting events)

The Finnish JOTI site
The official Jamboree On The Trail site
The Finnis JOTT site
Finnish Rover event
GSF's Finnish site for scouts celebration year 2007
Finnish Contingent of the World Jamboree 2007
Finnish Contingent of the World Jamboree 2003
Annual scouting skills contest
Finnish Seascouts' main event
Finnjamboree 2004
Finnjamboree 1996
"Relax" classed scouting skills contest
The Finnish troops home page contest 2005

Partiokohteita ulkomailla (International scouting sights)

Partiokauppoja (Scouting shops)

Kotimaiset partiokaupat (Finnish scouting shops)


Ulkomaalaiset partion verkkokaupat (Foreign scouting shops in the net)

Muuta partioaiheista (Scouting related)

The Scouting Dictionary
Finnish ScoutWiki

Retkeily ja luonto (Hiking and nature related)

Sekalaiset (Miscellaneous)

Rescue service

Keskusteluja Netissä (Discussion in the net)

IRC guide
Finnish scouting channel #Partio
Finnish scouting channel #suomi at ScoutLink