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Baden-Powellin vaakunamotto "Ar Nyd Yw Pwyll Pyd Yw (Where there is steadiness, there will be a Powell)" Jysky (keskustelu) 8. heinäkuuta 2014 kello 22.02 (EEST)
tuo "Powell" keskellä tuli mullakin mieleen. Wikipedia luottaa tähän. Mutta se ei ole ainoa vaihtoehto. "Scouterissa" Hazelwood kirjoittaa "The Motto comes from an old Welsh Proverb and appears in the dictionary of one of the greatest scholars that Wales has ever produced, Dr. John Davies, Mallwyd (1567-1644). The word PWYLL in the motto has no relation whatever with the name POWELL; Pwyll means Steadiness or Discretion, a word that is in common use. The name Powell ... comes from “ap Hywel” = son of Hywel or Howell Powell, Hywel or Howell Powell, likewise “ab Owen” = Bowen, etc. The motto when literally translated means:- “Whatever is not done with care is Danger” or better still – “What is done without discretion, is dangerous.”" ... "The Welsh words mean that what is done without discretion is dangerous; but if you slightly mispronounce one word, saying POWELL instead of PWYLL, you get the meaning “What is done without a Powell is dangerous.” Any herald could reel off a hundred punning mottoes, though I cannot at the moment myself think of one in English."
Hazelwood kyllä itse kannattaa Powell- käännöstä: "I should myself consider that the motto might quite reasonably be translated “where there is not a Powell, there is danger.” That fits perfectly well with the family traditions." No, ehkä tulisi tuoda molemmat esille.--Aake (keskustelu) 9. heinäkuuta 2014 kello 00.01 (EEST)