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Testing, one, two, three

Bonjour ! Greetings from France.

Hello, dear Finnish scout brothers !

I logged in on PartioWiki in order to establish a contact between Scoutopedia, our French scouting wiki, and yours, which seems to be the most important scouting wiki of the net (I've also seen a Dutch Scoutpedia, and a small American one too).

You are welcome if you want to let us a message on the discussion page of our main page, since we don't have a similar embassy on Scoutopedia for the moment -but it's for soon !

Scout greetings, Akela NDE 23. lokakuuta 2006 kello 00.33 (EEST)

Salut, chers frères scouts finlandais !

Je me suis inscrit sur PartioWiki afin d'établir un contact entre Scoutopedia, notre wiki scout français, et le vôtre, qui semble être le plus important wiki scout du net (J'ai vu un Scoutpedia hollandais, et un petit américain, aussi).

Vous êtes les bienvenus si vous souhaitez nous laissez un message sur la page de discussion de notre page d'accueil, puisque nous n'avons pas encore d'ambassade similaire pour le moment -mais c'est pour bientôt !

Fraternel salut scout, Akela NDE 23. lokakuuta 2006 kello 00.33 (EEST)

Hello from the Netherlands!

Hello! Good idea, this embassy!

Greetings from the Dutch scoutpedia! Is it a good idea to connect all scouting related wiki's in some sort of way (like the wikipedia, where the same articles in different languages are linked to each other)? Apart from you, us, the French and the very small American one, there are (as far as I know) also four german ones, and one from Switzerland on our links section.

Regards, Sietske 23. lokakuuta 2006 kello 16.43 (EEST)

I fully agree with Akela's and Sietske's comments. Let's make a great multilingual scout wiki ! Benjism89 23. lokakuuta 2006 kello 20.01 (EEST)

Multilingual ScoutWiki?

I don't know what technics are used in Wikipedia but anyway some kind of linking between ScoutWiki's would be great! Perhaps our admins can answer? E.g. our page could be linked with Add, perhaps, someone can give a hint to France how to get rid of that index.php- path... --Aake 23. lokakuuta 2006 kello 20.30 (EEST)

It seems to be possible to add interwiki functionality to our Mediawiki installation if desired. This way we are able to link to other wikis like this: [[:fr:Lord Robert BADEN-POWELL]]. The change naturally needs to be done to all of the wikis seperately, by their own admins. --ZeiP 23. lokakuuta 2006 kello 20.51 (EEST)

Actually, I made a link to Scoutopedia. Maybe the place was wrong and maybe there could be a flag and...--Aake 23. lokakuuta 2006 kello 20.30 (EEST)

Well, we're seriously considering setting up a place to discuss all this international scouting wiki questions with the other Scoutopedia guys. We'll inform you as soon as it will be OK. Akela NDE 23. lokakuuta 2006 kello 21.34 (EEST)
The new international scout wiki forum has just open : the adress is . Please come and help create an international collaboration between scouting wikis ! Benjism89 24. lokakuuta 2006 kello 15.03 (EEST)

Translation to Dutch

A translation of the following text

Welcome to the embassy of the Finnish ScoutWiki! If you have any announcements or questions regarding Finnish ScoutWiki or international issues you are invited to post them to the discussion page of this article. Finnish ScoutWiki – PartioWiki – is maintained by voluntary scouts and has no official connection to The Guides and Scouts of Finland.

in Dutch is:

Welkom in de ambassade van de Finse ScoutWiki! Wanneer je opmerkingen of vragen hebt over deze Finstalige ScoutWiki of over het internationale scoutwiki-netwerk, dan ben je van harte uitgenodigd om ze op de overlegpagina van dit artikel te plaatsen. De Finse ScoutWiki - PartioWiki - wordt onderhouden door vrijwilligers en is onafhankelijk van de Finse scoutingorganisatie.

Regards, Sietske 11. toukokuuta 2007 kello 12.18 (EEST)

Ps.: "Message to the embassy" is translated by "Bericht sturen aan de ambassade", but you can remove the word "sturen" (which means "send") safely if the sentence is too long. Sietske 11. toukokuuta 2007 kello 12.20 (EEST)
The Embassy is established.--Aake 17. toukokuuta 2007 kello 21.56 (EEST)

Finland on Dutch scoutwiki

I am happy to inform you that now has its first article about scouting in Finland! It can be found in the following category. nl:Categorie:Scouting in Finland Furthermore: our admin has just moved the scoutpedia to a new server, he will soon try to upgrade the version of mediawiki. Bye! Sietske 16. toukokuuta 2007 kello 12.18 (EEST)

Embassy in Spanish

Hello I am from WikiRoca, the spanish scoutwiki. I have transalate he text of the embassy to spanish and i have upload a flag of this country, now we only need the flag in te mainpage but i dont understand finnish, and i think y can't change the main page.

--Baloo289 4. helmikuuta 2008 kello 16.10 (EET)

I added spanish flag to main page. Is "embajada" the same as "embassy" in English? --Azer 4. helmikuuta 2008 kello 16.21 (EET)
yes, i have used a translator, because i didn't know this english word, but in wikipedia they use also "embajada" --Baloo289 4. helmikuuta 2008 kello 16.47 (EET)

Embassy established

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that the Dutch language ScoutWiki now has its own embassy! You can find it on The main purpose is to have one central location where non-dutch speakers can place their comments on the Dutch scoutwiki, or ask questions to our (small but reasonably active) community.

Regards, Sietske 14. joulukuuta 2009 kello 13.06 (EET)